Three Reasons Millenials Should Always Travel With Insurance

Traveling is not dangerous. That isn’t the impression anyone should have when they’re travelling. But it is possible you could incur a disease from a foreign bug, food or plant that you might come across. Not that it’s lethal, but it can be uncomfortable and unsettling.

It is extremely important that millenials understand the value of travel insurance since basically, millenials are the most uninsured travellers according to research.


So, why should you get travel insurance?

Backpacking Can Be Dangerous

You’re travelling in unsafe and probably unsanitary ground. Trust me, in any place on Earth, even ones that look like paradise is a zone that you could come across some local bugs and pollutants. If you’ve not insurance, you could get yourself in trouble and not get the immediate treatment you need.

Travel With a Peace of Mind     

Knowing that you have proper securities placed on yourself and your belongings through your travel insurance, you could comfortably travel.

Backpack or just ride commuting, you could get yourself into different places. Depending on the coverage of your travel insurance, you should still practice caution. But it helps to have safeguards in place.

Medication Can Be Costly

Especially if you’re travelling in urban areas, you won’t secure a room for yourself without proper travel insurance. Make sure your insurance policy contains an assured room for yourself and immediate treatment.

Flight Attendant Runs Off Without Her Heels Containing 70 Pounds of Cocaine

A flight attendant ran off while kicking off her heels and left her baggage behind after Los Angeles police officers searched the bags. She had with her about 70 pounds of cocaine.

According to Marshall McClain, the President of the Los Angeles Airport Peace Officers Association, airport and airline staff are not subject to security screenings every time they approach a checkpoint. His investigation had revealed the woman’s exploited activity.

He said “Just like traveling passengers, airport and airline employees should undergo the same screening to help decrease the opportunities for these employees to commit crimes and to help eliminate ‘insider’ or ‘lone wolf’ criminal activity,” he said in a statement.

The woman remains in the run. Initially, she was selected for a random screening by TSA agents. McClain pointed out that her ‘easy’ escape also exploited the lack of security officers in checkpoints, which was a common practice in the airport some years before.

McClain and his team were unable to identify which airline the woman worked. He pointed out that the woman’s attempt to exploit her security clearance wasn’t the first time.

“I don’t believe anybody would trust a mule with that amount of dope the first time out,” he said. “You’re talking about $2-million worth of cocaine … that’s pretty troubling. This is more than likely not her first time doing this.”

Making Your Disneyland Trip The Most Memorable In Three Ways

Children love Disneyland. Heck, I myself fantasised about Disneyland when I was a child. As an adult, I still want to visit the land of sunshine, lovely mascots running about and the beautiful theme park that materialises all our childish wonder and affiliation with animation. This gives me some spice to live with.

Unfortunately, it can be a bit expensive and it can be difficult to enter the theme park with peak numbers of tourists having no set seasons.

But if you are lucky, here are three ways you can make it memorable and pay off your money and time’s worth!

Birthday Cakes

Is someone from your crowd having a birthday? Well, ask them to purchase some personalised cakes. You could get some two-tier mini cakes that you could customise. Mickey Mouse shaped cakes are the specialty of Disneyland. But they’re offering something new every season.

Always Updated With The Newest Attractions

The recent Star Wars just came out and if you’re a fan, you can get to meet all the characters of the recent Star Wars: The Force Awakens in Disneyland.

I know everyone wants a photograph with their favourite characters as soon as possible. So you could own a Disney Visa Credit Card that allows you some great private in-park experiences, which allow you to cut through the line to meet your favourite character. Just flash your card and you get some sweet entrance!

The Early Bird

The early bird gets the worm. And the early bird gets more than a worm. Disneyland has a Mayor, which welcomes its visitors with a welcoming song-and-dance routine. Some families who come early are selected as the Family of the Day, which gets a VIP tour of the empty park, a private photographer of their journey and cuts through the entire line of special character meet and greets!

Solving Three Of Your Worst Holiday Problems

Yes, we know, the Waze app made everything easy when handling traffic from almost anywhere. What with all the tourists and locals travelling for the very special occasion, congestion is expected.

With traffic getting worse as car prices are going down and more cars make their way into the streets, this year, along with the next few years would be the worst year to travel on roads.

Be prepared through the holiday by having the solutions before you even encounter your problems!

Travel Reservations

Technology is most essential nowadays when it comes to life organisation, let alone travel organisation. iOS and Android app TripIt allows you to resolve all your confirmation emails for flights, hotel booking and rental cars without having to upset your email and turn it into a needle-finding festival in a haystack of emails.

Packing Lists

To make sure you don’t forget anything (as many of us would often do while travelling), PackPoint allows you to pack everything you need depending on the weather conditions in the location you’re travelling to. Just tell the app where you’re going and the length of time you’re spending in your location.

PackPoint builds a list of clothes, accessories and essentials to pack. These are only the basic things you’ll need.


MyTSA checks the changing rules of air travel and the estimated wait times you have in the airport. The application is your security guide that helps outline what you can and cannot bring in the airport. It also helps you with TSA precheck when you need to have questions answered.

Passengers Do Want To Be Treated Politely

An article from the Telegraph says that all flight passengers want to be treated politely.

This is true, to be honest. As an avid traveller, I’ve encountered so many impolite staff from hotels, flights and restaurants.

I’ll have to say some stewards and stewardesses feel they’re entitled to something when they should give passengers their due politeness and courtesy.

The survey says that nearly six out of 10 respondents felt that customer services from different airlines do not value courtesy. Many passengers reported about bad experiences and most of them tweeted the airline services on social media.

Customers highlighted politeness as a great value to see in a business. Transparency and clarity came second. I would agree with that myself.

Politeness as a first impression gives a positive feeling even when plagued with troubling situations in the air. For example. When I need to ask a stewardess about directions to a nearby hotel, she could politely answer she does not know anything. She doesn’t have to snub me throughout the time I was talking or refer me sarcastically to the proper departments.

Being treated human is the best thing travels can make you feel. Let’s hope these airlines understand travellers like us better by listening.

Needing a Good Travel Jacket? This Is What You Actually Want To Have!

Kickstarter has always been the home of the yin and yang. You’ve probably seen some awesome designs from innovators and inventors worldwide. Time and again, there would be some of the better ones, just like the Coolest and E-Pebble.

But now, there’s also this jacket that allows you to have everything you need in a single apparel.

The key to good travels and vacations is being organised. Now, you might say we’re “boxing” your vacation into something that’s predictable (I’m looking at you, backpackers!) but what I mean to say is that it helps if you know where your things are and which is what.

So a company called BauBax just put up an innovative jacket design that has 15 built-in features for travellers. Based from Chicago, the company only hoped to raise about $870,000 from their backers. But by earlier today, it just reached $894,000.

If this reaches the UK, I’ll really be so happy. The jacket can carry multiple items, including multiple mobile devices and notebooks. But aside from that, you have an inflatable neck pillow and an eye mask built directly into the hood of the jacket.

You even have a drink pocket that you won’t have to take out a quarter for your drink. No more need to struggle with drinking while walking when you could just suck it!

How to Release Travel Frustration [Infographic]

Travel frustration is innate in almost every travel plan. It’s not that you didn’t plan correctly. It’s just that there are plenty of other factors that did not play their role properly which led to your situation. However, managing your travelling expectations, among other things, is the most important way to help you alleviate your travel frustration.

Here’s some of the best ways to control and release your travel frustration


Equities Improve Worldwide As US Dollar Surpasses Japanese Yen

On Tuesday, Wall Street has successfully reversed its losses and the dollar has risen 1 per cent against the Japanese yen. The hope for central bank stimulus has increased, gradually improving consumer confidence.

The IMF had cut its forecast for global growth in 2015 to 3.5 per cent, down 0.3 per cent from its 3.8 per cent forecast. It has also called on governments and central banks to help with monetary policies and reforms, much to the positive reception of investors.

After the IMF forecast indicating the United States is on a faster growth trajectory compared with other economies, the US dollar strengthened.

Meanwhile, China reported that it is at its slowest growth pace in 24 years, with a 7.4 per cent growth in 2014, which is below the official 7.5 per cent target but just above the 7.3 per cent prediction by economic analysts.

The dollar has improved against the yen on Tuesday as Chinese policies might be eased and may help curb the demand for Japan’s central bankers. Now the dollar is equal to 118.77 Yen.

Investor expect the European Central Bank to announce plans of injecting additional stimulus to the euro zone economy will help lift European shares to a seven-year high, which helped improve investors’ motivation to take on risks.

“It looks like the Fed is super happy to pass that torch to the next central bank, and that would be the ECB as our contestant today,” said Kim Forrest, senior equity research analyst, Fort Pitt Capital Group in Pittsburgh.


The Three Main Points of Ecotourism

Today, almost every environmental violation has been swept under the carpet by watchdogs in the name of commercial and technological progress. The evidence of pollution and destruction has been seen in many forms; fishes dying due to plastic consumption, poisoned vegetation and the destruction of animal habitat.

Ecotourism aims to promote the environment while still giving tourists an excellent time in the vacation spot. It isn’t a luxurious ride, but more of an educative and fulfilling one.

1. The Fragile Ecosystem
The Earth is one sturdy rock. It has all the components its bigger siblings have, which render it nearly indestructible. However, the ecosystem supports life on Earth. An increase in industrialisation has led to irreparable damages even to the most compelling tourist spots on Earth. Ecotourism aims to raise awareness of trash-throwing to clean-up drives for tourists.

2. Following the Itinerary
Tourists should view the itinerary as something necessary. Some uncharted areas of a tourist spot are natural animal habitats that should remain undisturbed. Human intervention had destroyed a great number of animal habitats with disastrous results. It might reduce the randomness and excitement of an adventure, but it will help preserve the planet

3. Avoid Supporting Illegal Souvenirs
A great deal of endangered species is nice to look at, but it is never good to own one. Poachers h

ave been around travel spots for years to sell parts or cuisines of these endangered animals. It is important to spread awareness that the preservation of these species is not to buy or support the poaching and hunting of endangered animals.